Organic Seedless Raisins - Thompson Medium (12.5kg)
Organic Seedless Raisins - Thompson Medium (12.5kg)

Organic Seedless Raisins - Thompson Medium (12.5kg)

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Katbos is a proud distributor of South Africa's best raisins from the Orange River Region. 

    The factory specializes in the processing of high quality conventional South African raisins and a steadily growing number of organic raisins. Organic raisins currently consist of about 15% of the crop. 

    The factory has state of the art equipment to ensure effective food safety, consisting of colour- and laser scanners, metal detector, x-ray scanner, super vacuums, etc.

    The factory’s infrastructure and facility are accredited to export and to supply South African buyers such as Woolworths, Cadburys and Chipkins. 

    Thompson seedless raisins are prepared from whole, unlyed seedless white grapes, harvested and dried in the sun to produce brown to dark brown colour raisins.

    Product (12.5kg)

    Organic Thompson Seedless Sundried Raisins.

    Size: Medium

    Sealed in 12.5kg plastic bag inside a carton.

    The Raisins have not been treated with Sulphur before it is dried. 

    Ways to Enjoy Raisins
    • Top your bagel
    • Top your salad
    • In a sweet surprise in mashed potatoes
    • Raisins and berries instead of syrup
    • The new chicken salad sandwich
    • Substitute for chocolate
    • Popcorn, raisins, and Cayenne Pepper 

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