Raw Kalahari Honey (1.5kg)
Raw Kalahari Honey (1.5kg)

Raw Kalahari Honey (1.5kg)

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Katbos produces high-quality natural honey from the Kalahari which is very tasty. 

Our Honey is pure, raw, unfiltered, unblended, and naturally crystallized. We bottle once a month to ensure that our honey is freshly delivered to our customers.

You can also buy our Raw Kalahari Honey on Takealot.

Product: 1.5kg plastic bucket. 

Every flower species in the Kalahari brings forth its own unique nectar. Each bottle can therefore differ in taste, smell, and color depending on the season.

Honey crystallization is a natural process. Heat slowly at a low temperature.

Ways to Enjoy Honey

From grilling to roasting, honey can be used with just about any cooking method, and it can be used in recipes served either hot or cold. Replace sugar with equal parts honey in your favorite muffin recipe – the silky texture helps keep baked goods moist.

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